Downsize Your House Without Any Cleaning In Edmonton

Do you want to downsize your house in Edmonton without doing any of the cleaning or repair work required when you sell a house the traditional way on the MLS? Learn more about how the easiest way to downsize your house in the Edmonton area. 

Downsizing a house in Edmonton can feel frustrating, sad, and burdensome, especially if you have been in the home for a long time. Let’s be honest with each other, we all tend to acquire more and more things as the years go on. But if you haven’t moved in a decade or FOUR(!), once you see everything you have accumulated over your lifetime, having to deal with it all can be so overwhelming! Below, we offer a few tips to make the downsizing process as simple as possible when selling your house in Edmonton.

Sell Directly To Sunrise Home Buyers

When you sell your house directly to Sunrise Home Buyers you won’t have to worry about cleaning or rtemoving any of the junk that you want to leave behind. All you need to do it take the items you are keeping, and we will handle the rest. Easy Peasy! There aren’t any extra costs, professional cleaning bills, or fees to have us haul it all away. You can leave the house as messy as you’d like. We will handle everything, making the selling process as stress & worry-free as possible for you. We know downsizing may feel hard, but we are here to help you with it every step of the way. Let us handle the dirty work so you can focus on making the next chapter of your life the best it can be. Don’t let all your possessions and the home hold you back. It’s time to move forward.

Have An Estate Sale

An easy way to downsize your house in Edmonton is to have an estate sale. You can pack up what you are keeping, store it away, and advertise the rest for sale. Price items to sell and you will be able to find people who want to pay you for the items you don’t want to deal with. Be sure to market your estate sale far and wide in order to generate the most buzz. Don’t overprice your items, instead, price to sell and remember that the people buying are doing you a favor by helping you to find a solution for all of your stuff that won’t fit in your new house. Try not to become too emotionally attached as people begin to buy up your old items. Keep focused and remember the benefits and freedom that await you.

Donate Your Items

Anything you aren’t able to sell can always be donated to a charity of your choice. Many charities will even pick up your unwanted items at no cost to you. This can definitely beat paying someone to haul it all away. Plus, you will be able to provide items to someone who may need them more than you do. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. You are able to relieve your burden of having too many items and your donation can help someone or some family in need. Because when you donate your items to a good cause, everyone will benefit.

Are you still sitting on the fence when it comes to downsizing from your too-big Edmonton, Alberta home?

Instead of focusing on the work ahead when downsizing, focus on the many benefits of simplifying your life by selling your Edmonton home with a hassle-free sale.

It’s time to enjoy a simpler life and not be ruled by all your stuff!

Pay Someone To Take Everything Away

When you need to get rid of a lot of stuff fast, you can always call a company to haul it all away for you. While you may be able to find people to do it free of charge, most companies that are professionals, will charge you to come and take your extra items away. Furniture, chemicals, and large amounts of trash may force you to hire someone to help you out. Junk and hauling companies are found all over and will usually take your stuff away for a relatively small fee. But remember, you always have the option of taking your own unwanted items to the dump, but this will usually also come with a fee as well. Think about what your time is worth and how long doing the disposal yourself will take; then ask yourself if its really worth doing it.

Hire A Pro To Clean-Up

If you need to downsize and clean a house in Edmonton, you can always resort to hiring the help of a pro. A professional cleaning service or professional organizer will help you to downsize your items. The upside of this approach is making the selling process easier for you. They will take the stress out of the process so you can sell quickly sell without too much cleanup. You can also hire someone to come to your property and haul everything away. While this will cost some money, having someone come haul it all away will make everything after that MUCH easier for you.

Downsizing in Edmonton Summary

All things considered, downsizing your house doesn’t have to be a difficult process. By working with the right people and staying in the right mindset, the process can be much less overwhelming than you may think. By having people assist you with the process, there will be less cleaning and less time spent on the selling process. Nathan and Gert can help you downsize from any Edmonton property. We will make the process easy and stress-free so you can quickly move on and move into a more suitable place to live! Still not sure? Click the link and view some of the glowing reviews we have received from our satisfied Edmonton Home Sellers!

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