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“…I went looking on Google looking for other options and found Sunrise Home Buyers. They had lots of excellent reviews so I gave them a call. Nathan was easy going and easy to talk to.

He explained their buying process and how they arrived at a price. We negotiated a bit and finally settled on a price that I felt was reasonable. It went fairly quickly and there were no surprises. If you need to sell a property and want a simple and straightforward sale, give them a call.”

Sherry Chaba, Homeowner

Sunrise Home Buyers – Get To Know Us

An Opportunity That Led To A Business

Several years ago I was looking for a renovation project. I found an Edmonton area home that was in foreclosure. This house, located in St. Albert, needed a lot of renovations as it was in poor condition. Sadly, the homeowners were snowbirds and while they were away their furnace quit. Unfortunately, the pipes froze and extensive water damage resulted. That incident combined with other personal factors was just too much for them to look after and they felt they had no other options but to let their Edmonton area home go into foreclosure. So they lost their home. It was heartbreaking.

It got me thinking. What if there was another option for these Edmonton homeowners? Maybe they did not have to let their home become another Alberta foreclosure statistic. If there was a way to reach this couple before their home went into foreclosure, maybe a win-win solution could have been arranged and they could have kept some of their equity?

A New Company Is Formed

It was at that point I decided to start a business that provided an income for me and my family but also where I could also help people out of difficult circumstances. That and just help homeowners looking for a more convenient way to sell their Edmonton home fast and without the usual hassles.

So…IF YOUOR someone YOU KNOW is looking for a business that is EXPERIENCED, TRUSTWORTHY, and actually lives and works in the LOCAL area, we’d sure appreciate it if you call us today. We have helped others out of a property jam, maybe we can HELP YOU TOO! So take some ACTION and call SUNRISE HOME BUYERS TODAY at (587) 982-7576 and let’s start developing some SOLUTIONS…..TOGETHER!

Sunrise Home Buyers   Who We Are & What We Do

Sunrise Home Buyers is an Edmonton-based” WE BUY HOUSES COMPANY” whose team members have YEARS of combined experience working with home sellers needing a fast sale of their Edmonton home.

The Goal of Our Company

As a local Edmonton cash home buyer, our goal at SUNRISE HOME BUYERS is to HELP motivated home sellers LIKE YOU in our community with YOUR problem property by creating a win-win solution. We believe in developing an agreement where both parties can benefit with a realistic option. This may involve selling your unwanted Edmonton house FAST and for a FAIR price or finding a DIFFERENT, CREATIVE solution that meets your needs.

Our Guiding Principles

We like to think we do things differently at Sunrise Home Buyers. We want to treat you in such a way that you feel respected and valued as a customer. If you are reading this you likely have enough to worry about in your life. We don’t want you to wonder if you will be taken advantage of by someone looking to buy your Edmonton home. We avoid pushy sales tactics or any “take it or leave it”, time-sensitive offers. We try and work with you to create a solution acceptable for you and us. That is why these are the principles by which we run our company.

~ Operate Our Company With Integrity
~ Create Win-Win Solutions For Our Customers
~ Provide a Positive Customer Experience
~ Demonstrate Compassion & Respect
~ Serve With Passion
~ Attend To The Details

Our Aim

At Sunrise Home Buyers, our goal is to create win-win solutions in order to help Edmonton homeowners get out of their troublesome real estate situations such as foreclosure, costly house repairs, owning a headache property, probate, separation…you name it. At Sunrise Home Buyers, we focus on providing you with a solution to your property issues so you can once again do the things you love worry-free.

Our Focus is on creating a win-win solution for you. We can buy your AS-IS Edmonton home on the date of your choice, without using n agent & with no additional costs or fees.

How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about how we work, how we buy Edmonton houses, how we can help you avoid foreclosure in Edmonton, or if you just want to learn more about SUNRISE HOME BUYERS… don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time!! We have years of real estate experience in buying and selling Edmonton houses FAST for cash.

Call Sunrise Home Buyers Today! (587) 982-7576

If You Need Immediate Help with Basic Needs

One of our core values at SUNRISE is compassion. We truly want to help those in need. And we know that times are especially difficult in Alberta so we included some resources. Whether you need assistance with selling your Edmonton house or not, the team at Sunrise Home Buyers would like to help point you in the direction of those that can offer tangible help. Some organizations that can help with immediate and necessary needs are the Edmonton Food Bank (780-425-4190), Catholic Social Services (780-432-1137), and The Salvation Army (780-423-2111). If you are a senior, the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton or SAGE (780-423-5510) is an organization that offers an extensive range of helpful services and contacts.

If your needs are more financial in nature, consider reaching out to The Credit Counselling Society in Edmonton (780 701-0083). They are Canada’s leading nonprofit consumer credit counseling & debt solutions service provider. They offer free debt and credit guidance.

Be well.

The Pros & Cons Of Selling Your House To A Local
Professional Home Buyer– FREE Guide: 

If you are here you likely feel you need to sell your home quickly in Edmonton but…

  • you may not want spend the money to fix up your property before listing it.
  • you don’t like the idea of strangers coming into your home during COVID.
  • you are tired of working with ineffective real estate agents who don’t put in the necessary effort to sell your home
  • you are exhausted by the thought of constantly cleaning and vacating your house for every showing
  • you may not have the energy or time to investigate what other properties in your area are selling for.

Well if those ideas give you a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, why not Download our FREE Guide here?

If you have ANY questions about what selling your Alberta home to a direct buyer looks like, want a hassle-free evaluation, or want to just learn more about how we can help homeowners sell unwanted properties for cash…. CONTACT US anytime!

Get the FREE Guide and then give us a call at (587) 982-7576 and we’ll discuss what your home is worth and what we can offer to buy it for with our Cash Offer Program.

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