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Top Rated Home Buyer in Alberta

“Absolutely I would recommend Sunrise Home Buyers. I was well-satisfied with this process”

Sell Your House FAST for CASH without Any Hassles With Sunrise Home Buyers
Bill was looking for a quick home buyer with a cash offer to sell his rental property of over 30 years. Sunrise Home Buyers was honoured to help him with a worry-free solution.

Top Rated Home Buying Company

“I didn’t feel like doing any of the renos so we went looking for a company that would buy our house as is… I didn’t want to list through a realtor because I had seen another property that I was interested in.”

Happy Homeowner Sells Her House The Fast and Easy Way

“And going the way that we did with you guys, there was absolutely no hassle. None. None whatsoever. And you guys stuck with what you said you were going to do right from the beginning, right to the end. So, we’re happy with that.”

Another Win-Win, Hassle-Free, Home Sale
Looking for a quick and easy sale of your “AS-IS” home without using a real estate agent? Sunrise Home Buyers may have a real estate solution that meets your needs as it did for Jason & Miranda.

Jason and Miranda owned a home in Leduc, Alberta. The bills were piling up, and there didn’t appear to be any relief in sight. They contacted Sunrise Home Buyers looking for help and real estate solutions. They were hoping to sell their Leduc home quick and in a convenient way without using a real estate agent.

After several brief discussions, we presented a win-win solution to them that solved their property headaches.

It’s so rewarding to see the relief arrive and the stress disappear from our clients. It gives us a great sense of pride and satisfaction that we are able to help someone out of a tough spot.

There’s no way we can purchase every Alberta property from homeowners needing a quick sale. But we do our best to help fellow Albertans during these difficult times in any way we can. And we mean that.

Best Company That Buys Houses

“This was a very quick process. Much quicker than I was expecting. What else can I say? I got exactly what I was expecting and more even. The WIN-WIN situation was definitely there and I am very thankful for that.

Satisfied Seller in Central Alberta

Darcy – An “Elated” House Seller

“I wanted to sell my home, but I didn’t want to take the time to put the work into the house and the money that needed to be done for the updates. And I also didn’t want to have the hassle of listing and selling and showings.”

Best Real Estate Company Near Me

“If I ever know anybody who’s looking to sell quickly, then yeah, this is definitely the way go. Definitely.”

A Fast & Easy Home Sale Means A Hassle-Free Downsize

Tim C. – Seeking a Simple Way To Downsize and Relocate

Tim was looking for a quick home buyer to sell his house the hassle-free way. He wanted to downsize and move to a smaller Alberta home. He found us on Google then he called us. He said he needed to sell his home fast and without the hassle of a traditional real estate agent listing.

We met Tim at his home and presented an offer to buy his Alberta house. He liked what he heard, and the sale of his house was a win-win for both Tim & Sunrise Home Buyers. Voila! It could happen that easily for you, too!

Top Rated Homebuyer Near Me

“It was just so easy right from the first text, right up until everything’s been done. And yes, it was no stress, which I was looking for because this has just stressed me out so much. It was nice that everything you said you were going to do, you guys followed through.”

Sunrise Home Buyers - A Win-Win Purchase Means A Happy Homeseller!

Kerri H. – Glad to be free from her problem property

“I have been sleeping at night, so that’s the number one plus for me. It was too many sleepless nights and always wondering what was going to happen next. So I’m glad that it’s over with, and I can move on to another chapter.”

It was a seamless transaction…We wanted to move quickly, so it was a win-win.

Another Satisfied Home Seller With Sunrise Home Buyers

James C. – A satisfied Edmonton area home seller

James owned an acreage near Spruce Grove, Alberta that he tried selling several times using a realtor, without success. We became frustrated and disenfranchised with the traditional home selling process of keeping the home in “show home” condition for several months at a time and only getting a handful of showings with no offers. He and his wife were looking for a different home-selling option. They Googled “Edmonton House Buying Companies” and found Sunrise Home Buyers.

Once we learned what their parameters were, we go to work finding a solution. And I’m glad to say we were able to get their acreage sold at the price we agreed to. Additionally, Jim sent this note to Sunrise Home Buyers after the sale closed and there was a bit of a hiccup.

“P.S. At closing there was a small mix up with how the lawyer had disbursed the funds. As they claim, Sunrise is a company of integrity and Nathan sent us the funds that we had originally agreed upon without hesitation.”

Best Company That Buys Houses For Cash

I feel so relieved. I can sleep now and have no stress.

Sunrise Home Buyers - Another Satisfied Edmonton Home Seller

Fong T. – Another satisfied Edmonton client

We were able to create a win win solution with Fong. She was looking for companies that buy houses in Edmonton, hoping to sell her “AS-IS” house fast and for a fair price. And we helped her do just that. And now she is another satisfied client of Sunrise Home Buyers willing to give us a great testimonial!

“They came through on all their expectations “

Sunrise Home Buyers - A Satisfied Edmonton Home Seller

Waine L., – Another satisfied Edmonton home seller

Best Company That Buys Houses Testimonials

“Sunrise Home Buyers…are not looking to take advantage of people in desperate situations; they seriously look for the fair deal.”

“I just sold my house to Sunrise Home Buyers. They are great to work with and come through on all their expectations in a timely fashion. I would recommend them to anybody else if you’re thinking of selling your property and moving on.”

My parents were downsizing and tasked me with taking care of their property. There had been little maintenance done on it, so it needed a lot of work and would require a lot of effort to sell. It had been a burden on my mind for over a few years now. I reached out to Sunrise Home Buyers instead of all the similar companies because the company advertised operating on principles of integrity, compassion and fairness.

There was no false advertising here. They are the real deal. They are not looking to take advantage of people in desperate situations; they seriously look for a fair deal. They ask for details about your situation without any judgment so they can come up with a solution that also works for the seller. They want to find “win-win” solutions.

I appreciated their advice and expertise. These two have been in the industry for a long time. In the end, it was definitely easier to work out a deal with these two than to try and do this on my own. My only regret – not calling them sooner!

Rhonda F. – Edmonton, Alberta

I purchased a property from Sunrise Home Buyers.

They helped to navigate organizing with the owner and current tenants how everything would work time line wise so that everyone could be happy.

Their knowledge of these acquisitions is very extensive, the assistance through the process was transparent and easy to understand.

I highly recommend Sunrise Home Buyers to anyone who is looking to sell their home. You access a wide network of qualified buyers including myself by dealing with these professionals that you likely would not find going to the open market with your home.

Michael Fekete, Homebuilder – Edmonton, Alberta

I’ve known Nathan since 2000, and we have worked together in several personal and professional areas. I own and operate a successful roofing business. In the past, Nathan has worked for my company, and now we are completing roofing contracts for Sunrise Homebuyers.

Nathan’s integrity, character and attention to detail have allowed him to be successful in all the endeavors he has chosen. Nathan has always had a heart of a teacher, and can effectively communicate the intricacies of buying and selling homes to his clients.

In a society where the norm is “checking the boxes” without personal investment, the Sunrise Home Buyers team stands apart from the competition. They give their all to each job and go above and beyond with truth and honesty. In addition to putting their customers first, the team has an incredible knowledge of the home-buying industry – one that can be difficult to navigate.

I look forward to working together with Sunrise Home Buyers, and I would recommend this team and this company without hesitation.

Kevin H., LJH Roofing – Edmonton, Alberta

#1 Home Buyer in Alberta

We are proud of our reviews from helping local homeowners who needed a quick house selling process. We earned those 5* REVIEWS on GOOGLE and FACEBOOK by listening to our client’s needs, and by providing hassle-free solutions to their unique housing circumstances and problems. Maybe we can do the same FOR YOU!

Do You Need To Sell Your House Immediately?

If you need to sell an Edmonton house fast, in “AS-IS” Condition without using a real estate agent, call us to start the conversation.

We may be able to purchase your home fast for cash. And even if we can’t we may be able to find a solution to your property problem that you didn’t even know existed! We are real estate professionals who provide real estate solutions for homeowners.

Best Home Buyer Reviews

If you’re looking for SUNRISE HOME BUYERS client reviews and testimonials from Edmonton home sellers, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s important to us that the Edmonton house sellers we work with have a great and hassle-free experience. It’s one of our core values at SUNRISE HOME BUYERS. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with a win win solution and help relieve the stress from your headache-causing Edmonton property.

We Buy Houses Company Reviews

And since you are here reading this, you’ve probably wondered, where you could find some actual customer reviews from one of the “WE BUY EDMONTON HOUSES” companies like SUNRISE HOME BUYERS. Well, here you go! Thank you for taking the time to review and read these testimonials from people who needed to sell their Edmonton house fast, in as-is condition, without using a realtor.

If you would like to share your own review of your Edmonton house selling experience, or any advice or suggestions we gave to you, please send us a note to let us know what working with Sunrise Home Buyers was like for you!

Sunrise Home Buyers is ready to help you sell your AS-IS Edmonton home FAST, for a FAIR price AND on the date of your choice! If it’s 2 weeks or 3 months, we can make either work. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances. Our specialty is to work with you and craft a solution to meet your needs. The time for ACTION is NOW. CALL TODAY and get the process started!

Because we have many years combined experience as Edmonton home buyers, there is not much we haven’t seen. Call us now and take that first step. You will feel better when you finally take some action to deal with the headaches that your house is causing you! Call us at (587) 982-7576 or fill out the information form on this page.

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