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How to Sell your House by Yourself in Edmonton: A Short Guide

Selling your house is something you’ll have to do maybe just a few times in your life.  And unless you know a local Edmonton real estate agent who will sell your house for free or a hugely discounted commission… it can be a real pain in the rear and an expensive process for you as … Continued

5 Tips for Achieving a Fast Sale of Your House in Edmonton

A fast sale of your house in Edmonton has some critical advantages for sellers, especially when circumstances beyond your control prompt the sale. However, no matter why you’re selling, there are steps you can take to speed up the process.  Whether selling is a part of your plans to exit the property or due to … Continued

How to Sell a House With Title Problems in Edmonton

If you need to sell a house, an issue with the title can throw a wrench into the works. It can be heartbreaking to go through all of the work and hassles of selling only to find out when it is finally time to close that issues exist with a title you believed to be … Continued

Should You Make Repairs to Your Edmonton House Before Selling It?

It can be challenging to determine if you should make repairs to your Edmonton house before selling it to increase your final sales price or keep your money in your pocket and sell it as-is. However, many essential factors add up to the answer. So read on as we explore if you should make repairs … Continued

How To Sell A House In Edmonton Without An Agent

Are you planning to sell your home or investment property in Edmonton without using a real estate agent? Good! Because Sunrise Home Buyers can help. Don’t get us wrong. There are many instances when we used the help of an Edmonton real estate agent when buying and selling homes. And that is how most people will … Continued

4 Tips for Investing in Single-Family Properties in Edmonton

The debate never cools: is it better (financially) to invest in multi-family or single-family properties? That’s like asking whether a hammer is better than a screwdriver. The answer is, of course …it depends. It depends on the job at hand, the materials and fasteners available, and what you’re trying to accomplish. But if, after doing … Continued
house in foreclosure in edmonton, Alberta

How To Sell Your House To Avoid Foreclosure In Edmonton

Do you need to sell your house to avoid foreclosure in Edmonton? In this post, we discuss the steps you can take to potentially stop the bank and save your credit. Stop Foreclosure in Edmonton, Alberta Halting a foreclosure in process is an unfortunate reality for too many families in Edmonton, Alberta. Hey, it happens … Continued
a house that needs renovations and updating

4 Tips for Selling A Distressed Property

Setting The Stage It goes without saying that selling a home under the best of circumstances can be a challenging undertaking. But when you add a distressed property in poor condition into the equation, the headaches can start to rise exponentially. Should you find yourself in this position, preparing yourself for the realities of the … Continued

“Help! My Last Tenant Trashed My Edmonton House”

If you own a rental property in Edmonton but had a tenant trash it when they left you’ve likely thought to yourself, “I’m done with being a landlord! My recent tenant caused major damage in my Edmonton home!” So make sure you read this article because we’re addressing the all-too-common problem that landlords have in … Continued

5 Reasons to Sell Your House As-Is in Edmonton

Do you need to sell your house in Edmonton? For homes that need updates, remodeling, or total rehabbing, standard real estate sales listings are not necessarily the best option to sell for a fair price. Some homeowners are not financially or physically able to carry out the necessary work to compete on the Edmonton market.  … Continued

HELP!….I Can’t Sell My House In Edmonton Alberta!

If you’re thinking, “I can’t sell my house in Edmonton Alberta,” this article has been written just for you. Maybe you’ve been trying to sell your Edmonton house for a while now and haven’t received any offers. or maybe you need some guidance to stop foreclosure. There’s no reason to panic! You still have several … Continued
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