The Top 5 Questions We Receive From House Sellers

Today we address common questions for we buy houses companies…and the answers!

It’s not unusual for homeowners to feel overwhelmed by all the details and duties of selling their house. Often sellers don’t know where to begin. The best way to start is by making a list of questions to ask. Asking the right questions will help you feel more comfortable with the process and put your mind at ease. In addition, the answers to these questions will help you prioritize your goals when selling your home. And it all starts with deciding how to sell. 

Since real estate is not a one-size-fits-all solution, the method used to sell your home should be best suited to your particular property as well as any unique personal circumstances. Understanding the results of each option clearly, allows you to make the most informed decision. Real estate agents and professional home buyers occasionally combine forces to make the process easier, with the ability to help with any option you select.

Just know that you aren’t alone; we’ve gathered the top five questions asked over the years that we receive about selling a house in any market. Hopefully, you are looking for answers to common questions and this blog will help put your mind at ease.

What Do I Have To Disclose To A Home Buyer?

One of the most common questions about selling a house is about disclosure. Any seller must legally disclose any known defect or work completed without permits as well as any other cause which would prevent new owners from the full enjoyment of the property.

Let’s suppose you’re afraid you might hide something from buyers. Selling directly to a direct home buyer like those at Sunrise Home Buyers, means you can sleep well, free of any worries or burdens. You no longer have to worry because concerns about any future legal responsibility for disclosures will fall onto our shoulders and off of yours. 

Do I Need A Home Inspection Completed?

An additional question about selling a property quickly is if home sellers need an inspection. A direct home buyer will likely recommend a pre-inspection to identify any issues that need to be identified and rectified. Any minor repairs could be used as negotiating tools with buyers.

However, suppose your property is older, or you’re aware of significant problems, such as the roof or foundation, working as a full-time home buyer, like those at Sunrise Home Buyers will purchase the property directly and as-is. You can simply leave all of your concerns and repair bills behind as you move on with your new life.

A typical home inspection goes into great detail uncovering the condition and age of all aspects of the home. However, when selling to a direct home buyer, the little details won’t matter as much. In fact, it’s expected there will be items needing repair or replacing.

Will I Need To Stage My Home To Sell It?

One more question about selling a home is about the expense of staging a home. Typically realtors would advise staging a home because of the strong influence on buyers. When too many highly personal items are present, it inhibits moving beyond the sense of ownership these items represent.

On the other hand, the depersonalization of the house allows buyers the freedom to visualize their belongings in the space during showings. Further, if the thought of strangers walking through your home for showings keeps you from wanting to sell, working with a professional home buyer who will buy your property directly for a fair market price may be the solution you seek.

Studies show staging a home can help you sell your home faster & for a higher price. But you will need to empty your home & fix it up prior to bringing in the new furniture. So if your plan is to simplify the sale, staging may do the opposite.

What Should I Leave Behind?

There is also the question of what MUST be left behind when selling a house]. Permanent items attached to walls or floors by which damage would result from their removal, such as built-in cabinets or television mounts, should remain. But naturally, you’ll remove all personal property after the sale.

In many cases, you will also take all or most of the appliances with you as well. Acting as an agent, an expert hybrid agent investor like those at Sunrise Home Buyers can help you create a list, including what possessions you may be willing to offer as an incentive to sweeten a deal with a prospective buyer. On the other hand, when working with a direct house buyer, you have the freedom to leave anything behind that you don’t want. Simply move into your new home, and leave the cleaning-up and cleaning-out behind.

How Much Will Selling My Home Cost?

Most homeowners are concerned about the out-of-pocket expenses of selling a home. So it’s no surprise that another question they ask is the cost to list the home on the MLS vs selling direct. One of the unique benefits is that each sales method will be detailed by the numbers, allowing you to estimate the costs to hold onto the property, market, and pay commissions compared to selling directly. If a direct sale is the better option for your case, then working with your home buyer like those at Sunrise Home Buyers as a professional investor eliminates them all. And because closing is fast, holding costs aren’t a concern.

The experienced home buyers at Sunrise Home Buyers have the answers to all of your questions about selling a house. To learn more, feel free to read one of our other informative blog posts on how our WE BUY HOUSES Process Works or 6 Signs You Can Trust A Direct Home Buyer.

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