4 Tips for First Time Home Sellers in Edmonton, Alberta

While they may seem to be very similar processes, buying and selling a home are two very different situations. First time Edmonton home sellers may not be aware of all that goes into successfully selling an Edmonton property. To find a buyer who is willing to pay the price you want to receive takes some effort and work on your part. With that in mind, here are our…

4 Top Tips For Home Sellers! 

The Price is ALWAYS Right

No one will fault you for trying to get as much money for the sale of your Edmonton house as possible. After all, that is THE POINT! But many novice homebuyers make the mistake of being a tad too greedy when it comes to setting the price at which they want to sell their residence for.

The day your house is available on the MLS, it should be priced correctly! Avoid the temptation to go for top dollar and price your property on the high side in hopes of snagging a buyer. Your listing could linger and slowly drop down the buyers’ list of favourites. This house-selling scenario, combined with a high listing price, will get YOUR PROPERTY overlooked. Trust me. I have been in that exact position.

Obviously, any price decreases will be seen by potential home buyers in Edmonton. Repeatedly dropping your selling price will make you appear desperate or as if you have no clear selling strategy. Another potential downfall is that it can give the impression that there is something wrong with the property because you keep dropping your asking price. Do things the right way. Complete your Edmonton real estate market homework, and price the property fairly from day one.

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Pack Up Before You Sell

If your goal is to sell your Edmonton house fast or not, you WILL have to pack up and clean out at some point. There is no way around it…selling a property and moving out your belongings go hand in glove.

So why not do yourself a favor, kill two birds with one stone and pack up many of your belongings before listing your home? Box up all that stuff (junk?) and put it away in storage, your basement or even the garage. Buyers will feel less intrusive and more relaxed when viewing your home if you remove as many of your personal effects as possible.

And since your listing photos should be completely free of clutter…why not just get it done ahead of time. Any photographs cluttered with personal items will often get scrolled right by. It never hurts to get a head start, right? So packing up your non-essential items earlier in the house-selling process will save you a ton of work down the road. Deciding on a clear understanding of your goals early in the sales process will make the moving rigmarole much easier to stomach.

I’ll give you just one guess….which visual is more likely to produce a buyer for your Edmonton home quickly and easily?

NEVER Turn Away an Opportunity to Show Your Home

There is NOTHING convenient about having strangers walk through your house at any given moment. But if your gameplan is to sell your house, you will need to make viewing of your house as simple as possible.

If your agent has a buyer who wants to see the house at 9 pm, let them. If your house is all packed up and kept clean, short notice shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Do whatever you can to get your house viewings. Don’t limit your showings to certain times or alienate potential buyers in any way. You can’t rely on an Open House to sell your home. In fact, the vast majority of houses sell through direct showings. Being hospitable and flexible to potential buyers will set the tone for a positive, future transaction!

Pictures Say A Thousand Words

We can’t stress this one enough. Good photography is one of the most important things you will do when selling your house. Advertisements using bad photography, or with cluttered, messy or highly personalized rooms will likely be looked over. You have only a few seconds to capture someone’s interest when they are looking through listings, and you do this with amazing photography. Your house needs to pop! It has to stand out and make people click on your listing to find out more. You should consider hiring a professional if your listing agent hasn’t already. You might also consider creating an online virtual tour, or using drone photography.

I have no idea why those media companies keep telling me I need to hire them for photos to sell Edmonton houses fast and for a fair price. I’m doing just fine on my own…..

A Different Home Selling Path

Selling your house doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. Hiring the right team of professionals to guide you, will ensure you get the price you want and in a timely manner. If following through on the suggestions above seems like too much work for you, you do have other options.

We understand that cleaning up, fixing up and emptying out to prepare for showings can be overwhelming. Or maybe you have inherited a home, are going through a divorce or have limited equity and will need to pay out of pocket to cover real estate expenses. Either way, please contact us if you are looking for SOLUTIONS for your real estate woes!

If you are interested in selling your house in Edmonton, give our team a call! We will find the perfect solution for you! Send us a message, or call our office now! (587) 982-7576

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