4 Instances When You Shouldn’t Use an Agent to Sell Your House in Edmonton

This Edmonton Homeowner needed a fast sale of his property. He decided to work with Sunrise Home Buyers instead of a real estate agent because we were a better fit for his needs.

You may be wondering, if you are considering a sale of your home, are there other options that can meet your specific property selling needs?

While most sellers will use an agent, certainly not every home is a perfect fit for the conventional listing process with a local Edmonton real estate agent on the real estate market. Regrettably, many home sellers learn, sometimes too late, that there are other options after waiting for a buyer.

Maybe you have tried listing and selling your home and found it to be disheartening when day after day passes and the phone isn’t ringing. This can be especially difficult to stomach if there is an urgent need for the profits from the sale to alleviate financial issues. Unique personal circumstances, too, can make working with a real estate agent the wrong method of home sales. So despite most people using an agent and being happy with the results, there are some scenarios where choosing another option may be the path to take.

To help prevent this from happening to you, we will discuss four instances when you shouldn’t use a real estate agent to sell your house in Edmonton.

Working With A Tight Deadline

If you are in an extreme hurry to sell, this is an instance when you shouldn’t use an agent to sell your house in Edmonton. A real estate agent can tell you how much they believe your home will sell for, but they cannot tell you when you will be closing.

So, if time is not on your side and you want to sell your home, a professional home buyer like those at Sunrise Home Buyers just may be the solution you seek. Working with a direct home buyer means working with a cash buyer, which allows YOU to set a convenient closing date in as little as seven to fourteen days and plan your move. And, if that is just a bit too soon for you, a professional home buyer has the flexibility to delay your closing to suit your timeline. 

Cleaning Up and Heading Out

Will it be difficult for you to make your property available for showings? If that’s the case, this is another instance when you shouldn’t use an agent to sell your house in Edmonton.

Having children or even children with special needs can complicate the process immensely. Even at the best of times, keeping a home clean means following your child around the home with a Dustbuster and a trash can.

And in addition, if you have a pet, its helpful for sellers to quickly remove all signs of owning any pet from the property to increase the chances of a sale.

For some homeowners, it is the thought of having strangers coming through their home that makes showings problematic, especially when there may be health concerns.

But no matter the hurdle you are facing with showings, when you sell your home directly to a professional home buyer, they will provide you with the numbers and compare them to what you would likely earn by listing with a real estate agent. Then a professional buyer from Sunrise Home Buyers will make you a detailed offer you will likely agree is fair because of the convenience and hassles they can eliminate.

Renovations and Repairs

A home that is in a state of disrepair is another of the instances when you shouldn’t use an Edmonton agent to sell your house. Bargain listings garner you meager offers, which can be pretty upsetting when you place such an emotional value on your home. And sometimes they won’t even sell as a growing segment of homebuyers cannot be bothered to deal with fixing up a property as their parents would have. More and more buyers want a turnkey, ready-to-go Edmonton property to purchase.

Its the uncertainty of hiring the right contractor and the unknown quantity of money and time needed to rehab the property that throws people off. So more and more these types of properties linger longer on the Edmonton real estate market.

As an alternative to home sellers who find themselves in this position, professional buyers like those at Sunrise Home Buyers offer to buy your property in as-is condition. 

Outdated – But We Just Updated!

If years have passed since your decor and appliances have seen an update, this is an instance when you shouldn’t use an agent to sell your house in Edmonton.

Today, buyers seek modern technological conveniences and find older homes just are not well suited to meet their needs. In addition, with the evolution in societal norms, home offices and spaces for home schools have become a priority, as have homes with self-contained entertainment perks, such as an entertainment or games room.

Buyers, in general, lack the imagination to visualize the potential you may see in your home. Emotionally, they may be unable to move past the impact of the out-of-date motif in carpeting, trim, or paint color and are turned off buy appliances that have miraculously survived since the 90’s.

On the other hand, professional home buyers like those at Sunrise Home Buyers are happy to help you sell your home quickly, relieving you of any updating expenses and the stressful suspense involved with listing and holding onto the property month after month.

A Simpler Home Selling Option Exists

Our goal at Sunrise Home Buyers is to be sure you are happy long after you’ve left the closing table. We want to save you from experiencing stress, hassle and headaches.

At Sunrise Home Buyers, we do not charge commissions, and you won’t pay any hidden fees or closing costs. NO SURPRISES at the end!

By allowing you to avoid all of the complications of listing, selling directly to Sunrise Home Buyers is easy. Our contract is straightforward and reviewed by lawyers. And the amount we offer you is the amount you’ll receive. The professional buyers at Sunrise Home Buyers stop and take the time to listen to you and your needs, aiding you in achieving your Edmonton home seling goals.

So Sunrise Home Buyers is here to help homeowners like you sell your house in Edmonton no matter your reason or motivation. Why Wait? Contact Sunrise Home Buyers at (587) 982-7576 TODAY!

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