6 Signs You Can Trust A Direct House Buyer

If you are considering the sale of your home to a direct house buyer, it goes without saying that TRUST and RELIABILITY are vital.

Are you ready to sell your home but are hesitant because of the sizable commissions paid to a real estate agent? Would you rather skip the clean-up, clean-out, renovating, marketing, showings, paperwork, legal issues, and all the other hassles of listing? Thankfully, there is another option.

What Is A “Direct Sale of A Home” Anyway?

A direct sale is when you sell your house directly to another company or person without having to list your property on the MLS or multiple listing service and pay sales commission or legal fees.

With a direct sale, you bypass all of the following hurdles:

  • Finding an interested buyer
  • Negotiating an agreed-upon price
  • Hoping the potential buyers qualify for financing
  • Scheduling a home inspection
  • Completing an appraisal that meets the sale price
  • Doing upgrades, updates, or even larger scale renovations at your expense.

When you sell directly, a professional buyer will purchase your home as it is, so making any repairs or cosmetic updates will no longer be of any concern to you.

Once you have done some background research on the direct home selling process and decided that a direct sale of your property is the best method for you to sell your home, it is essential to do some investigation on any company or individual before you sign on the dotted line. Do your homework first and ensure that you are working with a stand-up, reliable, and experienced company.

At Sunrise Home Buyers, we believe that we meet the following criteria and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate it. So here are six signs that will help you build trust so you can sell your house directly with CONFIDENCE.

It’s important to work with a reputable company that has a broad presence and a large network of trusted associates when considering a direct sale of your home.

A Written Offer For Your Home

A trustworthy property buyer will put any offer in writing. Certainly, there will be the initial phase consisting of verbal negotiations to determine if buyer and seller are in the same general price range and that the terms of any deal are mutually beneficial. Once that phase is complete, a written offer will be drawn up.

While “shaking hands” is significant in deal-making (whatever that means in 2021), a professional should document any significant business transaction, especially a sales contract to buy your residence. This can be done in the form of a letter of intent, a memorandum of understanding, or even with a standard real estate purchase contract.

Another indication that should increase the confidence in your buyer when selling your house directly is their willingness to make sure you understand all of the steps in the process. Direct buyers like those at Sunrise Home Buyers go over the contract to ensure that you feel the offer is fair, and you do not end up having seller’s remorse at the closing table. 

***We do try to stress that we cannot buy every home that comes our way. We can only make a home sale (or purchase) happen when both parties will benefit from a win-win transaction; BOTH the buyer and seller. Sometimes this happens quickly and other times it’s a longer process. But we strive to be clear about our offer and the process moving forward.

Clear and Full Disclosure

A good sign that you can trust your buyer when selling your house directly in Edmonton is when a fast house buyer will ensure any transaction is straightforward, with no hidden expenses or surprises at closing. A direct buyer should be able to make a quick offer for your home AND explain why their offer is fair and reasonable; explaining how much money you will walk away with after closing should not be a mystery. 

So how does it all work? A reputable professional buyer will present and compare the numbers for listing your home with a traditional real estate agent versus selling directly. Figures should be covered in detail so that you can make an objective comparison.

Finally, an upstanding cash home buyer will factor in your unique financial and personal circumstances to help you determine which sales method is better. Then they can draft an offer that meets YOUR NEEDS, BUDGET, AND TIMELINE. This is in contrast to a realtor-listed sale, where you are at the whims and timeline of any would-be buyer.

Any reputable home buying company will outline the entire process, the people and partners involved and outline all the numbers. That way you can make an educated decision when determining how you will sell your home.

A Long List Of Satisfied Clients

It was just so easy right from the first text, right up until everything’s been done. And yes, it was no stress, which I was looking for because this has just stressed me out so much. It was nice that everything you said you were going to do, you guys followed through.

Kerri H.

A company with many stellar reviews from its clients is solid proof that you can trust your buyer to come through when selling your house directly. It’s rather obvious, but you should not find reviews from clients feeling pressured into making a deal or being rushed into a “limited time offer”. And you shouldn’t feel obligated to work with any direct buyer just because you discuss your property with them. There needs to be a level of comfort on both sides of any transaction.

Unique and personal circumstances play a significant role in the sale of a home, and the professional home buyer understands that they must listen to you to help you solve your problems. That is one of our greatest strengths; finding out what you need and crafting a unique real estate solution to make it happen.

The power of cash allows an experienced buyer like Sunrise Home Buyers to close quickly. So if your goal is a quick and confident sale that will allow you to move to your next property or even if you need to pay off creditors or avoid foreclosure procedures, we can work with you to make it happen. And because we won’t be moving into your home as with a typical house purchase, working with a direct buyer means any delay in closing is no problem if you need extra time before relocating. It’s all a part of our custom-tailored, problem-solving process. Click on the link and watch the testimonials and read the reviews and see for yourself why we have so many satisfied clients.

SUNRISE HOME BUYERS - We Provide Real Estate Selling Solutions
Please watch our latest testimonial video from a satisfied client. We created a mutually beneficial solution to purchase a property they owned while meeting their real estate goals.

Experienced Professionals

Another metric to determine whether you can trust a cash house buyer when selling your house directly is that they have been in business successfully for many years. Longevity is a highly correlated measure to determine their reliability and even financial resources to back any cash offers they are making. You will want to avoid dealing with inexperienced buyers who tie up your house awaiting financing approval. It can be a frustrating lesson to learn when a mortgage lender has denied the purchase financing because of poor credit, insufficient income or the would-be buyers made a large credit purchase after the loan application was approved but not funded.

At Sunrise Home Buyers, we have over 35 years combined experience buying and selling homes. You won’t last in this business if you don’t have a solid reputation. Visit our ABOUT PAGE and learn more about us, how our company came to be, and the values that we strive to put into practice with our client-partners.

Local Home Buyers

Working with a professional buyer who lives in your city or partners with other local buyers is vital. Intimate, local real estate market knowledge and experience are so important. This will speed up the offer process AND avoid costly delays or even false starts. Instead of doing the equivalent of a ‘real estate cram session’ to determine the offer price on a property, a company located within your community, or who works with those who are, can make a fair and reasonable purchase offer quickly and reliably.

We really are trying to help you and your neighbors solve property problems one home at a time. Our goal as professional property buyers is to improve communities and the overall lifestyle for all residents. Direct buyers like those at Sunrise Home Buyers do not see you as just another number. We care deeply about the individuals and families in our community and those we serve and we are proud of the work we do. 

A Sizable Online Presence

When researching any potential cash homebuyer, see what business or personal information they have posted online. What is shared on their company’s “About Us” Page? If the page is just a standard page without any personal details, information, or pictures of the owner, this should be a bit of a red flag.

It’s certainly possible the company owner could be someone who is new to real estate. At that point, you have to ask whether you would feel comfortable having this person purchase your home.

It’s also possible the person is experienced but has no online presence. It’s possible, but as online marketing and a digital footprint become even more crucial to getting a company’s message out…why isn’t there one?

Finally, check the company’s webpage and social media pages. Are they posting about houses they are buying in your area? Do they have photos or videos from satisfied clients willing to post a positive review? These are questions you should be asking yourself.

In Conclusion

So are you looking for indicators that you can trust a potential buyer when selling your house directly? Sunrise Home Buyers invites you to check our reviews for yourself. We believe you will discover that we demonstrate all of the things sellers are looking for and more. At Sunrise Home Buyers, we put what we say in writing using a standard contract. You do not even need to clean or fix up your property. Let Sunrise Home Buyers take care of everything. Just pack what you want and leave the rest to us! Please fill out a brief form on our website to get the process started. All it takes is a no-pressure, no-obligation conversation to get the ball rolling.

Stop the delays and excuses. Move forward and take that first step toward moving on.

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