Can I Sell My House Fast on Kijiji in Edmonton, Alberta?

Need to sell your home quickly and want to avoid realtor fees? Kijiji may be just the place for you!

When people in Alberta have something of value they need to sell, where’s the first website they will consider? KIJIJI, of course! But you have a home for sale and you are likely to be thinking, “What chances do I have to sell my home quickly on Kijiji in Edmonton?”

Will the odds be in your favour? In some instances….yes! After all, Kijiji gets billions of page views every single month! But before you get too excited there are several key details your ad must get just right.

Get This Right to Sell Your Home in Edmonton Right Away on Kijiji


Did You know 80% of Kijiji users ONLY read the headlines on the ads? That means only 20% actually read the entire ad. Shocking isn’t it! And just as surprisingly is that only 40 percent of social media users who share a link actually read the content in the article they are sharing! What’s my point? You simply must nail the headline of your Kijiji ad completely right.

Never lie or exaggerate about the product or service you are offering because that is simply unethical. But you must write a compelling enough headline to grab the readers eyeballs. One awesome strategy is to use oddball number. Here’s one example, “5 Reasons You Should Check Out My Bungalow in Edmonton (Hint: Number 4 Is Four Minutes From A Hospital and An Top Elementary School)”. What you are hoping to do is motivate them to take the next step and click on your compelling ad. this will greatly to increase the chances for a quick sale of your home.

“Thank you for calling about our Kijiji ad. Sorry, no. If you buy our home we will NOT include the man hiding in the closet…”


You may be shocked to learn that pictures are just as important than ad text, if not more so than when selling a home on Kijiji. Maybe selling your property is the easiest way to understand this concept. Your photos act as a type of curb appeal. Take lousy photos and you limit the number of interested buyers wanting to invetigate your ad.

Another issues is many would-be Edmonton house sellers make the images too BIG! This makes the photos look unprofessional ANDincreases the time to load your page. Many ad viewers will just hit the back button if it’s taking too long to load your page.

Don’t just take photos of individual items or appliances, but take pictures of entire rooms and spaces. If you have updated the washer and dryer recently, just include that tidbit in the body of your ad.

And for those still using a digital camera, please remove the date and time stamp option that STILL occasionally appears at the bottom of some images. 2002 is long gone! Get with the times. If this describes the photos you are using to sell your Edmonton in a hurry, you will need to up your game. Your pictures are most likely of inferior quality anyway. And it also dates your photo, which can be a drawback if your home doesn’t sell fast and you keep re-posting that dated picture for any length of time.


This is where you will have to back up the promises you made with that stunning headline you crafted. Keep it simple stupid. Instead of one massive paragraph that will get potential house buyers clicking off your ad, use several brief paragraphs. Short and punchy paragraphs are much easier to read and they look better too. And use bulleted lists when appropriate.

Next, write your house selling ad as if you were writing it for that picky English teacher you had in junior high. Future property purchasers will draw inferences between the quality of your ad copy and the quality of your for sale home.

Finally, ensure you include all the relevant keywords your potential Edmonton house buyers are searching for. Kijiji forwards add from searches based on what people type into the search bar. So if your gut tells you that your ad isn’t getting the eyeball traffic it should, change it up. Modify your text and experiment with different keywords.

If the description of your HOUSE FOR SALE ad on Kijiji looks like this, you will need to do some editing!

Ad Posting Times

On weekdays, many Kijiji gurus advocate posting your ad between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon. If you need to (re)post, after 5:00 pm on weekdays will work best. Personally, if I were trying to sell a property in Edmonton on Kijiji, I would re-post my ad then anyway. You want to climb back the the top for those buyers who view ads page by page right after they get home from work. On the weekends, we suggest posting ads earlier in the morning and re-posting throughout the day. No question, it can be labour intensive. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

How to Sell in Kijiji - sell online
SUNRISE HOME BUYERS would like to buy our Edmonton, Alberta home? Then why are you showing me how to sell my house on Kijiji?” That’s because we’re serious when we tell you that we are seeking win-win solutions for our clients. And we want you to be sure a sale to us is the right option for you!


If done properly, selling your home in Edmonton on Kijiji is a distinct possibility. But if you have tried and had little success, reading another one of our helpful blog posts may do the trick. If that doesn’t do it, or you are done with coordinating the showings, cleaning, and hassles, we have a much easier solution for you! Contact SUNRISE HOME BUYERS to discuss a hassle-free and fast way to sell your as-is home to us!


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