Why More People Are Choosing To Sell Their Homes in Edmonton Directly During COVID-19

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Are you trying to decide the best way to sell your home in Edmonton FAST but without the usual hassles? Read further for some useful suggestions.

All areas of life have been affected by the global pandemic. It’s been especially tough for many in Alberta, who were already reeling from a difficult economy. And residential real estate has been no exception. Necessary adjustments to listing, showing and selling Edmonton houses have further complicated the process. When emotions are already running at an all time high among the population and relationships are being strained, the additional requirements in the traditional process of real estate sales can be overwhelming. Today we will explore why more people are choosing to sell their homes in Edmonton directly during Covid-19.

Do you have the time?

Because direct house buyers like Sunrise Home Buyers  typically close faster than traditional home buyers, more people are choosing to sell their homes directly in Edmonton during Covid-19.Regardless whether a property is listed with an Edmonton real estate agent or as an FSBO (for sale by owner), traditional home purchases typically require qualification from banks, time for mortgage underwriting, and a property inspection. And despite, or because of, all that due diligence, several buyers are not qualifying due to increased scrutiny by Canadian banks in their lending practices!

Each of these steps consume precious time. And in the end, a traditional listing implies no guarantee of when, or if, your house will ever sell. Well, the time to sell is now, as more and more people are buying Edmonton homes during the pandemic.

If your need to sell your Edmonton house fast due to a relocation for work or personal reasons, you will need to sell quickly. that is unless you are okay with carrying the financial burden for two homes. In addition to all the stress and expense of holding the two properties, you will either be required to do a great deal of traveling or hire a caretaker for the property you have listed.

Are you ready for the hassle of showing your house?

For many people we talk to, the thought of preparing their Edmonton, Alberta home for sale and then dealing with the constant hassle of showing their property when it is listed on the MLS is extremely stressful and can truly be a nightmare. This reason alone is why many more people are choosing to sell their homes directly in Edmonton during Covid-19. By selling directly to a company like Sunrise Home Buyers, you can eliminate all of those frustrating and inconvenient phone calls asking if you can make your home available right now to show it to some prospective Edmonton home buyers.

Our goal is to simplify the process for you. Because when you sell to an Edmonton cash house buyer like Sunrise Home Buyers, you won’t have to worry about leaving your home spotless everyday before heading to work, just in case there is a showing while you’re out. When you work with us here at Sunrise Home Buyers there will be no more buyers negotiating with you over which items you are taking and what you are willing to leave behind!

Serge is not your typical Edmonton home seller. He LOVES to clean up his home before he leaves for work in the morning just in case any spontaneous showings may happen. Maybe you are just like him? Most are not!

Are you excited about having strangers in your home?

There are as many different opinions on this issue as there are people. For some, the risk level of having multiple strangers from different households coming into their home is very low. While others will not allow strangers in their home under any circumstances. The choice is up to each Edmonton home seller.

If you aren’t working with a local real estate agent that has grown accustomed to the new steps for self-protection, you will have to educate yourself on all of the necessary steps to protect yourself and be certain you have strict management of visitors in your home. This risk is why more people are choosing to sell their homes directly in Edmonton during Covid-19.

Need some renovations done before you sell your Edmonton property? If you are nice to me I will hook you up with my handyman. You would not believe what he can get done in an afternoon!

Want to avoid the time and expense of repairs?

Home buying companies in Edmonton like Sunrise Home Buyers typically do not require formal inspections. This makes it a truly ‘as-is’ transaction. As a seller, this means you do not have to fret about completing costly and annoying repairs before closing or budgeting for any other additional expenses you were not planning on.

Sunrise Home Buyers will view the your Edmonton residence and determine what repairs and fixes need to be done. They will then make a list of expenses and create a budget. This makes the process even quicker because they are willing to take on that risk. At Sunrise Home Buyers we work with you, laying out every step of the process. Our aim is to eliminate the hassle and confusion. This is another reason that more people are opting for a direct sale of their Edmonton homes during Covid-19.


We certainly can’t cover all of the reasons selling your home directly may be one of the best pathways you can take to protect you and your family. But we want to make you aware that at Sunrise Home Buyers, we completely understand your concerns. We will stop and take the time to listen to your unique circumstances and craft a home selling solution for you that is a win-win proposition. Reach out to us as we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have! Please send us a message or call Sunrise Home Buyers today at (587) 982-7576. Be well.

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