How Current Events Are Impacting Home Sellers in Edmonton

We’re living in difficult and extraordinary times! Learn how current events are impacting Edmonton home sellers and buyers and what you can do to sell your house as quickly as possible!

At the time of this writing, we are still dealing with the effects of COVID-19. This pandemic has changed how things are done across many industries, but real estate is one that is seeing a major impact. While some real estate agents and investors are worried about what’s to come, others are taking this time to get creative and to find new and innovative ways to sell a house in Edmonton. In this post, we will review how current events are impacting the real estate industry and what you can do to sell your house fast while still getting an excellent price.

Going Virtual

With less and less in-person contact taking place, people are making the shift to doing more daily activities and tasks online. When listing your home, there are a number of great software alternatives you can use to create a virtual tour that will help your potential buyers get a real sense of your property before viewing it in person (Skype, Zoom). That said, they do come with a cost, in time, energy and sometimes a monetary expense. So if you do choose to list your house in Edmonton, be sure you are taking into consideration the extra marketing that may be required to successfully sell your house.

Some Edmonton home sellers are going virtual to list their homes.

In addition to the above, adding in the usual costs of selling your house like premium listings, professional photography, video, and the use of a virtual tour can really eat into your selling price. The total listing costs can be through the roof and especially hard on people trying to sell their unwanted properties during these troubling times. And we have not even mentioned the weakness in several price categories.

So it’s easy to see how holding costs, repairs, commissions, and listing fees aren’t in many people’s budgets at the moment. If you do decide to work with an Edmonton real estate agent, please just make sure you know exactly what is included in your listing agreement. There may be extra marketing and selling costs that you aren’t aware of.

Another option is a direct sale to an Edmonton cash house buyer like Sunrise Home Buyers. We will eliminate the cost, fuss and hassle of trying to sell your house in this crazy market. We will make selling a quick and convenient experience so you can easily sell your unwanted property FAST and for a FAIR price in Edmonton.

At Sunrise Home Buyers, we can buy your Edmonton house fast. Why not look into eliminating the traditional stress and headaches of listing your home and give us a call? There are NO obligations or fees!

People Are Still Buying and Selling

While the housing market has been impacted in many ways by the Coronavirus and other events playing out in 2020, people are still buying and selling homes. Some properties at certain price points can be found for great prices, and home sellers in Edmonton have options when they need to sell. The business of buying and selling Edmonton houses is being done a little bit differently these days, but as people adjust to an ever-changing environment, solutions are being discovered and people are moving on with their everyday lives.

As my grade 7 Phys Ed teacher taught me, it’s never good to assume. So don’t assume that because the market has slowed at some price points that you won’t be able to sell. Prices are staying relatively the same in some areas but moving up in others. And buyer demand varies from area to area as it always does. Working with Sunrise Home Buyers will help you sell without any costs or hassles whatsoever. You will be able to get a great price for your Edmonton and area property without having to deal with any costs, hassles, or headaches.

Other Options Are Being Sought

You are undoubtedly aware of the traditional way of doing real estate: hiring an agent, showing the property, holding open houses, having in-person meetings, then waiting, wondering and hoping you get a reasonable offer for your house. However, we are finding many sellers are choosing to investigate and then work with a direct buyer like us to ease the bother of the usual selling process and avoid having too many people in their home.

You do not need to hire an agent to sell your house in Edmonton. There are easier and more convenient ways to get the job done. Listing on the MLS come with uncertainty. You won’t know what you will be offered or when the house will actually sell. By selling your house directly to a home buyer like Sunrise Home Buyers, you will be able to get the peace of mind you need when selling your Edmonton house because you will know THE DATE AND PRICE of your sale!

Using an Edmonton cash house buyer like SUNRISE is a viable way to sell your Edmonton home.

Markets Will Rebound

Its hard to keep up with what’s going on; lockdown restrictions are being lifted, a second wave is coming…don’t wear a mask…wear a mask. On it goes. But more and more people are taking action by buying and selling Alberta homes regardless of the environment. The housing market will hopefully rebound to what it once was. And the economy is already beginning to improve off of the lows. In fact, some markets in Canada are hotter than ever right now, hard as that is to believe in Alberta!

But if you are feeling stressed and discouraged because you think that you won’t be able to sell your house in Edmonton, working with a house buyer like SUNRISE can alleviate the burdens home sellers typically face. Sunrise Home Buyers is a direct buyer who will pay you a FAIR price for your property, closing in as little time as possible. For a truly stress-free selling experience, reach out to our team today to learn more about what we can offer you! Remember, we are all in this together!

Our team works with home sellers in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We offer a fast and fair way to sell your house no matter what is going on in the world. We offer competitive prices and can close incredibly fast. Before you sign a listing agreement, take some time to learn about the other selling options that are available to you!

We’re here to help home sellers in Edmonton! Reach out to our team to learn more about what we can do for you! (587) 982-7576

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