Here’s How to Sell Your House for Cash in Edmonton During the Winter

Looking to sell your house for cash? Do you want to sell your house right now – this winter? Great news: Here’s how to sell your house for cash in Edmonton during the winter

It’s one thing to try and sell your home during the winter months. A Edmonton real estate agent might be able to find you a buyer who wants to buy right away and can get financing without a many delays or false starts. But what if you want to sell fast, for cash this winter? What should you do?

Frankly, if SPEED is your primary objective you’ll probably want to skip working with a real estate agent and instead focus on a cash buyer who is able to move quickly, even during the winter season.

If you need to sell your Edmonton home right away this winter, don’t despair!
SUNRISE HOME BUYERS may be just who you need for that quick and seamless sale.

The Difference Between A Real Estate Agent And A Cash Buyer

A real estate agent will list your house and try to find a buyer who is interested in purchasing your property in Edmonton or in one of the surrounding communities like Leduc, Sherwood Park or Spruce Grove. In most cases, that buyer will need to get their financing through a bank or a mortgage broker.

Between the agent trying to find a buyer, and the buyer trying to get bank financing, you’ll be stuck in a holding pattern. Hopefully the transaction is without interruption, but often the process can drag on if there are unforseen delays like financing or inspection issues. Or maybe your buyer will need to sell their Edmonton home right away too because they have tendered a conditional offer. The sale could take but a few weeks but it also could drag into months. Let’s just hope you’re not waiting until late winter or early spring when hot new listings are appearing. Regardless, if you do choose this option, here’s a helpful article with some winter home-selling suggestions.

How To Find A Cash Buyer

One way to find an Edmonton cash buyer is to list your house “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO. However, you’ll also need to specify that you’re only accepting cash offers, if you want to simplify and speed up the process. The downside is that will limit the number of potential homebuyers in Edmonton who are viable options to buy your house.

Another way to find a cash buyer is to look online for a “WE BUY HOUSES EDMONTON” company or someone who has an “Edmonton cash home buyer” website and reach out to them. However, you can’t always be sure who you’ll get when you do that.

Fortunately, we can help – Sunrise Home Buyers are the type of cash buyers with integrity and a solid reputation. Please see for yourself. Go to our Youtube channel and watch some of our Video Reviews. In addition to that, we have the funds available to buy a property fast – and yes, we even pay cash to buy Edmonton houses in the winter!

If you are seeking a fast sale of your Edmonton home in “AS-IS” Conditions AND on the date of your choice, we believe that SUNRISE HOME BUYERS is a wonderful choice. Shop around and see how we measure up. We are confident we can meet your needs!

Here’s How To Work With A Cash Buyer

When you do find a cash buyer, they’ll probably want to view your house and then they’ll give you a cash offer. In some situations (such as when you work with us), there’s no obligation on your part. YOU get to decide if you want to accept the offer or not. You don’t have to, but it’s nice to know what the offer is. Plus, we don’t offer on every house we see, so that should alleviate some anxiety for you. We are looking for a win win transaction. We BOTH need to benefit.

So if we do make an offer to buy your Edmonton house fast and you choose to accept the offer, you just need to tell us when you want to close and we will look after all the documents, lawyers and legal fees for you. Even if you have a mortgage penalty, we factor that into our offer. Remember, We don’t charge any fees, but that may not be the case with every company.

So if you are looking for a discreet, fast and fair-priced sale of your Edmonton home, in “AS-IS” condition, & on the date of your choice, call SUNRISE HOME BUYERS @ (587) 982-7576 and get the process started.

Why go through all that hassle of listing? You’re already here and buying houses for cash is exactly what we do. Click here now to fill out the form and we’ll get in touch to give you a fair all-cash offer right away.

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