5 Ways A Direct Sale of Your Edmonton Home Will Save You Money!

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So here you are. You’re ready to sell your Edmonton house right now but you don’t want to pay all of the commissions and fees that come along with using a traditional real estate agent. On top of that, you’re also dreading all that is involved with listing the Edmonton area property as for sale by owner and you have no idea if the recent house price spike will continue or if prices will resume their slide.

The good news is that you can avoid many of the time & money headaches of listing your home on the market! Edmonton home sellers, you can put more cash in your jeans by using the following nuggets and selling your property directly to Sunrise Home Buyers.

Zero Repairs or Renovations

Inspections and appraisals are a key part of the traditional home selling process. Ironically, many would be home sellers put thousands of dollars into a home that they’re ready to walk away from! In order to pass inspections, it’s possible that you could end up facing large repair bills for an issue you weren’t aware of previously. Realtors know that many potential house buyers won’t be able to realize the home selling price they feel their property possesses because buyers can’t see past anything that is outdated. This is why Edmonton real estate agents suggest updating potential listings to maximize their appeal and selling price.

These upgrades can be anything from aging cabinetry to apparent wear and tear in flooring, woodwork, and even the paint on the interior and exterior of the home. So if you’re thinking, “I need to sell my Edmonton house fast AND for top dollar”, costly renovations are often an element of that process. Avoid all of this, AND save your time and money by selling directly to a “WE BUY EDMONTON HOMES” company like SUNRISE HOME BUYERS.

Pack Up and Go

Cleaning? Sell direct and forget it! Experienced real estate agents know that most buyers don’t have the vision to see beyond your personal effects, clutter, or any apparent decorative flaws. They’ll advise that nearly every surface be free of objects. Most especially photographs or items that are of a more personal nature. A typical Edmonton realtor will likely advise that you store your own belongings and spend further on staging the home, both for advertising publications and showings.

In addition, you’ll need to keep up the exterior curb appeal for these reasons. This allows the buyer to more easily visualize themselves living in the home. You can save all the costs involved in the decluttering, a deep clean of your Edmonton home and potentially even renting a storage unit when you sell direct to a company like SUNRISE HOME BUYERS. In many cases, you can just leave behind any items you’d rather not take along to your new residence and let us take care of it. 

Curb appeal can cost you a pretty penny and a lot of your time and energy…but it can pay off. Are you up to the task?

No Closing Costs

You’ll save money when you sell your Edmonton house quick and direct by eliminating most of the normal fees associated with traditional closings. You’ll also avoid all of the fees that usually come along with the required reports generated from appraisals and inspections. And this is especially the case with newer or more recently renovated properties. 

Forego The Marketing Fees

Whether you are working with an Edmonton real estate agent or selling your home on your own, any marketing expenses will be passed on to you…and that can be as a separate bill or embedded in your sales commission. It stands to reason, the more you spend, the more effective your advertising will be. And as a part of the marketing plan, you’ll need to have your home picture perfect. 

Monthly Expenses Eliminated

The never ending monthly costs of home ownership can add a lot of pressure to your life (And why is it that these expenses NEVER seem to go down?). This is especially true if you’ve already had to relocate for work or personal reasons. These costs can easily run into the thousands, including taxes, mortgage, insurance, utilities, and maintenance. If your home is showing its age because of deferred maintenance, repair bills are usually depleting your funds even faster and can be extremely expensive. The financial burden and personal stress can add up quickly. By choosing a direct sale, you could quite literally save yourself thousands!


If you’d like to avoid the hassles and sell your Edmonton property FAST and DIRECT, all you have to do is the following:

  • Get to know us, our vast experience, and our level of expertise
  • Meet together, view your home and get comfortable with an overview of the offer process
  • Agree to terms we arrive at TOGETHER
  • Choose your closing date
  • Sign the confidential sales agreement
  • Pack up what you’d like to keep and leave the rest behind!

It can be over that quickly!

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We make FAST, FAIR and DISCREET offers when buying Edmonton houses. You can leave the monthly payments behind sooner than you think. Call Sunrise Home Buyers today at (587) 982-7576 or send us a message to learn just how quickly we can help you start saving money!

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